Vegan Cnadles

Hey my candle lovers!

Lets talk everything natural!

Our aim is to provide all natural home scents that will fill your homes with beautiful fragrances without releasing any toxins. 

1. Our Candles are made from coconut and rapseed wax. we never use paraffin wax in our candle as we take pride in being an all natural brand. 

2. Our Fragrances are toxin free and produced from natural sources, this is one of the reasons that you may notice discolouration in your candle.

3. Candles are all hand-made and are not made in batches, each candle is made on order. 

It is so important to us to ensure that all our products are produced from natural sources and we put at the forefront our customers health and environment. 

Natural waxes are more healthier/cleaner to burn in your home compared to paraffin waxes not only for your personal health but for our environment as well. With natural waxes you won’t be at risk of releasing  harmful chemicals into your homes as you would with paraffin candles(contain various toxins and air pollutants).




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