Our Favourite Wicks!


So most of you know our candles are made from wooden wicks and I’m going to explain to you exactly why we chose wood wicks and the benefits. 

 The main reason I chose wooden wicks for our candles is because I love love love the crackling sound.I find it so relaxing and comforting especially on a rainy day, its like a mini fireplace inside a jar. With wooden wicks that are made from natural wood they also get this flickering spark as you would if you were camping out around a fire. Once you burn a wooden wick candle, there is no going back!

Wooden wicks work well with natural waxes, making them easy to use and burn, allowing the candles to have a strong scent throw when burning.  They also give a candle a more premium and beautiful presentation in comparison to cotton wicks and they make beautiful gifts.  

P.S Always make sure you trim your wick between uses to avoid black smoke and wicks for extinguishing on their own. 

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