Scent Escapism!

Scent Escapism






Hey my candle lovers,

Scent Escapism is the beautiful feeling of travelling through fragrances. We have all felt the need to escape over the past year with self isolation, reality has become quite difficult for many of us with feeling anxious and uncertain on a daily basis.

Scent escapism has become more grown expotentially over the past year where majority of us have had to turn our houses into our offices  and we have found the need to escape reality both emotionally and mentally. Through using scents we could unconsciously relive a memory, disconnect or travel through our imagination. 

Sometimes we can underestimate the power of scents/fragrances however it can really change your mood and aura.

 In Jo Malone's words "Even though you can't travel, your imagination can go anywhere you want it to via your sense of smell"